Practical Halacha: Nullification of Vows for Women


Are women required to recite the Nullification of Vows (Hatarat Nedarim) text in the presence of three rabbinic judges, like men do in synagogue on Erev Rosh Hashanah?


There is no halachic reason to exempt women from Hatarat Nedarim.  Nevertheless, it is not customary for them to do the same procedure that men do, for whatever reason (possibly tzniut), although some poskim recommend that a woman make her husband her agent to do it on her behalf (but this would not work for an unmarried woman).  Most likely, women rely on the declaration of Kol Nidrei which nullifies all vows of the coming year in advance.  This would only work, however, if they recite it along with the chazzan and understand the liturgy.  (Based on Piskei Teshuvot)

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