A Little Clarity – Halachic Questions via Text Message

Due to the space limitations of a text message, please note that it is particularly important to read carefully, pay close attention to the context of the question, and use the answers as a springboard for further study.

If you would like my phone number to submit questions, please leave a comment and I will send it to you.

Q: We baked some dairy biscuits in a meat oven in a baking pan that never had contact with fire. How do we kosher the oven and what can we do with the pans?

A: The oven is unaffected. The pan requires kashering with a direct flame, immersing in boiling water is not enough. If it hasn’t been used with meat within 24 hours the biscuits are OK.

Q: Why don’t we have Shabbos everyday?

A: The Almighty wants us to be involved in the world and contribute to the building up and betterment of society.  One day out of seven is enough, evidently, to prevent us from becoming mired purely in materialism and re-focus us on our place in the universe and on the spiritual.

Q: One of our babysitters cooked pancakes with milk mixed in , in a fleshig pan today.  Do I have to throw them out?

A: As long as the pan was clean and unused for meat for 24 hours, they are permitted.  Regarding bishul akum there is no issue, since the pancakes are not fit for an elegant affair (Star-K).

Q: How about the pan?  It’s cast iron, it looks like it had at one time a teflon coating which has mostly worn out.  Any way to re-kasher?

A: Only by torching or putting in a self-clean oven for a cleaning cycle, which is not recommended.

Q: Is Coldstone ice cream kosher?

A: The Ice Cream mix is kosher. But if the store is not supervised, you must check every product individually.





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