A Little Clarity – Halachic Questions via Text Message

Due to the space limitations of a text message, please note that it is particularly important to read carefully, pay close attention to the context of the question, and use the answers as a springboard for further study.

If you would like my phone number to submit questions, please leave a comment and I will send it to you.

Q: Do you tovel glazed earthenware?

A: According to what seems to be an oral ruling of R. Moshe, glazed earthenware doesn’t need to be toveled since the coating is not considered to be significant.

Q: Regarding closing a store, is Erev YK stricter than Erev Shabbat?

A: No mention is made of any stringency in the halachic codes.

Q: I have a phobia of insects so I am unable to sleep in my Sukkah.  Is it a valid Sukkah?

A: Yes, most people would be able to sleep in it.

Q: Does Tumaco cocoa powder need a hechser?

A: All cocoa powder is OK.

Q: If all of the ingredients are kosher, does a Jew need to turn on the stove to make pancakes for them to be kosher?

A: No, since the pancakes are not fit for an elegant affair (Star-K).






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